My name is Jonathan Kershaw and I’m a PhD research student based at Coventry University, looking at the way we ‘consume’ the car – as status symbol, icon, socio-cultural artefact and experience – and how our relationship with the car might impact upon the uptake of low carbon vehicles as part of a holistic low carbon automobility.

Why ‘autohabitus’? Well, the name was chosen because, according to Google Translate, the latin word ‘habitus’ covers a wide variety of meanings – condition, characteristic, style, appearance, clothing, attitude, nature – all of which pertain to appraising a sociology, or even an ‘automotive affectus’, of the car.

This blog is connected to my PhD study and will reflect upon socio-cultural aspects of the car, automotive news and technologies as well as touching on environmental research matters. As a geographer, it’s quite possible that a variety of geographical subjects, both human and physical, may also arise; after all, geography is everything and everything is geography!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Very interesting work, Jon. Sara gave me your web address this morning at church. I will keep following your progress. Best of luck!
    Phil Wheatley.

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