Talking ‘bout a rEVolvolution?

There was (perhaps ironically) a lot of noise made about Volvo’s announcement yesterday that it was to introduce ‘electrification’ across its range. Was it justified, or even accurate?

The media went hysterical (though some later toned down their headlines). The end of the petrol engine, they said.

Really? Not quite.



Voltvo…? (Picture source: Zero Emission Resource Organisation via Wikipedia)

While Volvo did indeed announce that every Volvo released from 2019 will be possessed of an electric motor as part of its latest policy, what you may have missed in all the media hysteria is that hybridity will provide the bulk of their ‘charge’ towards electrification. That’s hybrids with accompanying internal combustion engines. So, not the end of the ICE age, then. There will, though, be fully electric vehicles too.

Nonetheless, while Volvo’s current electric dreams may not be all that at the moment, and certainly not the paradigm shift to electromobility that some in the media suggest, it is a very welcome step in the right direction. Whether it represents a real move towards the amelioration of the environmental impacts of the car, or merely laboratory-test-passing- future-proofing-lip-service to such, remains to be seen. I’d like to think it’s the former…

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